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Standard American Diet (SAD)

Standard American Diet (SAD). This is the roller coaster & fastest path to disease & dysfunction. We're going to show you EXACTLY how to escape this toxic, pro-inflammatory, & dangerous approach!

Functional Food Testing

Dr. Dubov will "unpack" what what he calls functional food testing! This will help you break through FOOD CONFUSION & provide objective clarity! No more guesswork!

Nutritional Deficiencies

Struggling with CRAVINGS? Cravings are an indicator you're nutrient depleted. We're going to show you exactly where you're deficient and show you how to fill in the gaps!

Toxicities / Inflammation

It is next to impossible to lose weight when you're toxic, inflamed & have cell damage! We're going to breakdown cell health & why it's very hard to get healthy when your cells are in trouble!

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Keep in mind. FAT melts off your body as a side effect of becoming healthy! Our #1 goal is to give you the roadmap / blueprint / framework to get healthy. We don't GUESS with your health...we TEST. We dig, find, & work towards SOLVING the puzzle once and for all! 

Come Learn The Secrets Nobody Is Talking About

In this transformational 3-day learning experience, I'm going 

to share with you the EXACT "blueprint" I've been using with 

patients for 15+ years! These are the secret weight loss

solutions that 99% of programs neglect!

  • I'm going to show you the 3 OBJECTIVE TESTS that we use with patients that provide FOOD CLARITY vs FOOD CONFUSION! 
  • I'm going to walk through the main drivers of cellular inflammation & cellular toxicity which makes it next to impossible to reach your weight loss goals!
  • I'm going to touch on cell health and how that ties into hormone dysfunction / resistance...and how to SOLVE this puzzle once and for all! 


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Meet Your Mentor!

Dr. Igal Dubov DC

Dr D started his career in 2000 after graduating from Sherman College Of Chiropractic. He has always had a deep passion for natural healing and health. However, around 2004 his wife became very ill and started to suffer with unusual symptoms. She had tried various programs and detoxes and supplements but nothing helped until she got food tested and found that she had various food sensitivities including gluten and dairy. She then stopped these foods and started to feel much better. This has led Dr D to start his journey of The Functional restore approach to wellness. From 2005 till 2015 Dr D started to treat his patients using the methods he distilled down to form this training. Dr D is no longer in private practice but continues to live his life with the functional restore methods and strategies.

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